Adult and Senior Eye Exams

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Adult and Senior Eye Exams

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Adult and Senior Eye Exams

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Adult and Senior Eye Exams

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Adult and Senior Eye Exams

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Adult and Senior Eye Exam

Get your annual eye exam and protect your vision and health

To live life to the fullest you need your eyes to work their best. The eyes allow you to be active, appreciate art, and communicate with family and friends. Unfortunately, eye diseases are common and when left unchecked can cause vision loss and be involved with general health issues such as migraines, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Getting an annual eye exam can help catch these diseases before they become a problem.

The American Optometric Association recommends getting an eye exam every year. Book your annual exam at Green Eye Care.

Adult ExamsEyes are the window to the body. The complexity of the eye involves hormonal systems, vascular systems, neurological systems, cellular systems, muscular systems, immune systems, and more. All of these are susceptible to injury and ill health just like the rest of your body. Looking at both the eye and health history we can tailor your eye examination specifically to you.

Senior Exams

As you age, the eyes become more vulnerable to age-related diseases. Diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration are easier to control when detected early during annual eye exams. Catching these diseases early can prevent vision loss and blindness.

What can you expect during your eye exam at Green Eye Care

We perform a variety of tests for both vision and ocular health. During our easy pain-free exam we check everything from eye pressure, visual field, color vision, binocular vision, microscopic evaluation, and more. Our high-tech office includes optical coherence tomography, retinal camera, visual field machine, pachymeter, and other equipment.

After the eye exam, you can visit our excellent dispensary

Whether our eye doctors prescribe you glasses or not we have a fully stocked optical dispensary to meet your needs. For those with prescriptions, our opticians are experts at finding the right designer and non-designer eyewear and sunglasses to help you not only look your best but to be comfortable as well. Our opticians can find the right pair of glasses for children as well for durability and comfort. No prescription needed? Our sunglasses are stylish and protect the eyes from UV rays. We also carry safety glasses and sports goggles.

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