Can Scleral Lenses Help Treat Dry Eyes?

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Can Scleral Lenses Help Treat Dry Eyes?

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Can Scleral Lenses Help Treat Dry Eyes?

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Can Scleral Lenses Help Treat Dry Eyes?

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Can Scleral Lenses Help Treat Dry Eyes?

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Dry eye is a condition where the tears fail to lubricate the eyes properly, leading to discomfort. The condition results from tear film instability and often leads to irritation and inflammation. If not treated, it can damage the eyes. 


There are several ways to treat dry eye, ranging from eye drops to wearing contact lenses. Optometrists often recommend scleral lenses for patients with chronic dry eye. Here is more information on how scleral lenses help treat dry eyes. 



Dry Eye Symptoms 



Dry eye symptoms depend on the underlying cause of the conditions. They include:

A burning or stinging sensation in the eyes.


  • Red eyes.

  • Watery eyes.

  • Light sensitivity.

  • Blurred vision.

  • Difficulty wearing contacts.

  • Problem with night driving.

  • Eye fatigue.



Scleral Contact Lenses 



Scleral contacts are lenses designed to cover the cornea surface, resting on the sclera. Unlike regular contacts, they do not lie on the sensitive cornea but the white of the eye. The lenses create a smooth optical surface for an irregular cornea by resting on the sclera. 

They form a fluid reservoir between the lens and cornea. They are ideal for patients who suffer from keratoconus, astigmatism, dry eye, and cornea irregularities. Scleral lenses offer sharper vision, durability, and easy handling. 



Treating Dry Eye With Scleral Contact Lenses



Most optometrists prescribe scleral contact lenses when traditional treatments fail to produce the desired results. They are effective for treating dry eye. The lenses do not cure the condition but offer relief by keeping the eyes constantly moisturized. 


The lens covers the corneal surface, protecting it from dust, wind, smoke, debris, and other irritants. The lens design enhances comfort while reducing the need for artificial tears. Patients can wear the contacts for long periods, improving visual acuity without discomfort.



Customized Dry Eye Treatment 



Scleral lenses are an effective solution for dry eye symptoms but are not one-size-fits-all. To provide effective relief and moisture, the lenses must be customized. They are fitted to ensure they rest on the eye correctly for improved vision and comfort. Your optometrist will help determine if the lenses are ideal for your condition.



Reasons to Get Scleral Contact Lenses 



Scleral lenses can help provide lasting relief for dry eyes. Reasons to get the lenses include:


  • They provide constant hydration.

  • The comfortable custom design.

  • Provide long-lasting relief.

  • They improve eye appearance.

  • They protect the cornea.


Scleral lenses are a non-invasive treatment that helps relieve chronic dry eye. The lenses do not irritate the cornea, and the design ensures proper eye hydration. The eyes can regain a healthy appearance by reducing the redness associated with dry eye conditions. The lenses provide vision correction and lubricate and protect the eyes, helping improve an individual’s quality of life. 


If you have dry eye syndrome, talk to your eye doctor about scleral lenses. They are a more effective treatment option than simply using eye drops. 


For more on whether scleral lenses help treat dry eyes, visit Green Eye Care at our New York, New York office. Call (332) 334-8700 to schedule an appointment today.

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