Using MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

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Using MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

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Using MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

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Using MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

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Using MiSight® Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

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Myopia is the most common type of visual impairment around the world. It occurs when the eye’s axial length is too long. It causes images to focus at a distance from the retina instead of directly on it. 


People with myopia have poor distance vision that eyeglasses or contacts often correct. The problem usually develops in childhood. It is necessary to learn about using MiSight® contact lenses for myopia management. 



Developing Myopia 



Myopia usually onsets in childhood, and it affects many school-aged children. The disease is not static but worsens throughout childhood, stabilizing in early adulthood. Millions of children globally have myopia, primarily due to changing lifestyles. Children are spending more time looking at digital screens and less time outdoors. 


Children who develop myopia have a higher risk of getting retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Many children may not know that they have myopia, making it vital to look out for warning signs.



Myopia Management 



There is no cure for myopia, but the condition can be controlled or managed. Myopia management involves treatment to slow down the progression of the condition. There are different myopia management techniques. 


They include eyeglasses, prescription eye drops (atropine), and special contact lenses (orthokeratology). Myopia poses different health challenges, but it can be controlled if caught early. Myopia management experts can help protect the child’s vision through advanced technology. 



MiSight Contact Lenses 



FDA-approved MiSight contact lenses are single-use, daily wear contacts that help slow myopia progression in children. Like traditional corrective lenses, the central part of the soft contact lenses helps correct the refractive error. 


The outer part of the lenses has unique concentric rings designed to direct the light to focus correctly on the retina. Wearing the lenses reduces the stimuli that cause the eye to grow longer.



Effectiveness of MiSight Contacts 



MiSight contacts have proven to be safe and effective. A three-year clinical trial concluded that children wearing MiSight contact lenses experienced a slower progression of myopia. The results were compared to children who wore traditional soft contacts. Myopia progressed slower by 59 percent for the children with MiSight. The results show that the lenses can be a safe and effective option to reduce or slow down myopia. 



Benefits of MiSight Contact Lenses



The disposable contact lenses are soft and comfortable. The benefits of MiSight lenses include:


  • They are soft and more comfortable than rigid lenses.
  • They are disposable, with no cleaning required.
  • They provide myopia control and vision correction.
  • It is easy to replace disposable lenses. 


Individuals who develop myopia in childhood are more susceptible to developing high or severe myopia. Slowing the progression can help reduce the risk of developing severe eye conditions later in life. If your child has been diagnosed with myopia, the optometrist may recommend treatment to slow down or reduce the disease.


There are different lenses prescribed for people with myopia. Regular contact lenses are designed to correct myopia rather than control the disease progression. On the other hand, myopia control lenses help slow disease progression.


For more on using MiSight contact lenses for myopia management, contact Green Eye Care at our New York, New York office. Call (332) 334-8700 to schedule an appointment today.

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