Children's Eye Exams

Prescription Glasses

At Green Eye Care, we are committed to safeguarding your child's vision and ensuring they thrive in all aspects of life, from academics and sports to social interactions. Here's a deeper dive into our approach to pediatric vision health.

1. The Significance of Prescription Glasses: Every child deserves success, be it in the classroom, on the sports field, or in their social circles. Crucial to achieving this is having healthy eyes and sharp vision. Often, children aren’t aware that their vision isn't optimal or that experiencing headaches and eye strain isn't the norm. Annual eye exams are instrumental in guaranteeing that children not only see their best but also do so with comfort, all the while ensuring proper eye development.

Early detection and intervention for issues like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, amblyopia, and poor eye teaming can significantly impact a child's performance in school and sports. With the digital age ushering in extended screen time on computers, cell phones, and gaming devices, it's pivotal to ensure children's eyes cooperate seamlessly to ward off fatigue and headaches.

2. Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam at Green Eye Care: We've designed our eye exams to be pleasant, pain-free experiences. We engage children with age-appropriate questions where every answer is valid. In certain scenarios, we might use eye drops to help children relax their visual system for more accurate evaluations. At Green Eye Care, our team of optometrists and opticians prioritize your child’s comfort. Our child-friendly ambiance ensures that your little one not only feels at ease during their initial visit but also looks forward to subsequent appointments and flaunts their glasses with pride.

3. Evaluating Your Child's Vision: Our experts will assess if your child's eyes are focusing correctly, aligned, and working in tandem. Depending on these evaluations, coupled with factors like age, symptoms, and visual results, the right treatment plan is crafted.

4. Prescription Types and Their Implications:

  • Hyperopic (+) Prescription: A child may receive a (+) prescription for several reasons, chiefly for issues focusing nearby. The key idea behind these glasses is to stimulate the less proficient eye, ensuring both eyes develop equally. Some kids may resist wearing them due to discomfort, but it's crucial for optimal vision development. Sometimes, there's latent hyperopia that only emerges after specific tests. This might manifest as fatigue, double vision, or even an eye turn. In cases of severe eye turn, we might recommend prism or vision therapy.

  • Myopic (-) Prescription: Generally given when a child struggles with distant vision, these prescriptions may increase with age. While it's mostly uncontrollable, certain techniques like bifocal glasses might help in slowing down the progression. If there's an outward eye turn, a myopic prescription can help the eyes turn in, thanks to the interlinked focusing system.

  • Astigmatism: When the eye's front surface isn't uniformly curved, it leads to astigmatism. Corrective lenses with varying powers can address this irregularity, providing clearer vision.

  • Lazy Eye: This term could indicate an eye turn (Strabismus) or an eye that can't achieve perfect vision even with glasses (Amblyopia). Treatment might include glasses, prism, patching, or vision therapy.

5. Treatment Modalities:

  • Amblyopic Spectacle Correction: For some cases of amblyopia, just wearing the correct glasses can significantly enhance vision. Patching might further augment this improvement.

  • Patching: Especially beneficial for younger kids, patching the proficient eye forces the weaker one to work harder, potentially rectifying vision disparities between the two eyes.

  • Prism: Effective for treating eye turns leading to double vision, prism lenses redirect images, aiding the eyes to work cohesively and eliminate strain.

  • Vision Therapy: A customized regimen involving exercises and techniques to improve visual processing, eye movements, and more. It's particularly beneficial for addressing reading issues, eye turns, lazy eye, and enhancing sports vision.

Your child's vision is precious, and at Green Eye Care, we're committed to ensuring they have the best visual outcomes. Trust our expertise and let us guide you and your child on a journey to impeccable eye health. Book your Pediatric Eye Exam Today!

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