Children's Eye Exams

Prescription Glasses

All children deserve to succeed in school, sports, and social activities. Healthy eyes and accurate vision contribute to this. Children do not always realize that they are not seeing their best or that their headaches and eye strain are not normal. An annual eye exam can help ensure that your child is not only seeing their best but doing so comfortably while developing properly.

Early detection of myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, amblyopia, and poor eye teaming can cause issues in school and sports. Today children have many more demands on their vision with computers, cell phones, and video games and it is important to make sure the eyes are working together to reduce eye strain and headaches.

Preparing your child for an eye exam at Green Eye Care.

Our tests are pain-free and enjoyable. We will ask age-appropriate questions to which there are no right or wrong answers. In certain cases, we may put eye drops in some children to help relax their visual system. The Green Eye Care optometrists and opticians will do everything to make your family feel relaxed and at ease. We have a welcoming environment for children and after their first visit, children often are excited to return and wear their glasses. Book your child’s annual exam at Green Eye Care

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