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Dr. Neil Satija
Our Optician



Skill, patience, and excellence are what Dr. Neil Satija, Optometrist brings to the table. 


Born and raised in a farming community in California, Dr. Satija attended UC Davis and Southern California College of Optometry for his studies. After graduating in 2011 Dr. Satija moved New York City and has been practicing at Green Eye Care in Harlem NY.

Dr. Neil Satija believes in life long learning and has worked on studies in dry eye and retinal aging and created and authored, a patient education website to help patients realistically understand eye conditions and eye diseases.

Dr. Neil Satija has always been interested in helping his patients see their best and doing so comfortably.  Dr. Satija believes that a little extra effort can go a long way in helping a patient over the long term with the comfort of their eyes and vision.

Dr. Neil Satija is well versed in providing routine and medical eye care including the management of Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes, Headaches,Specialty Contact Lenses, Keratoconus, Pediatrics, Adults, Macular Degeneration, Styes, Pink eye, Eyeglass prescriptions and more.


After years of suffering from a lazy eye I grew frustrated by the lack of care I was receiving. I decided to dedicate my career to helping prevent others from suffering from poor eye care. Now with over 10 amazing years of experience in the eye industry I have learned many things that I can educate and help patients with. Working side by side with Dr. Neil Satija has given me the knowledge to understand and help others understand their eyes and vision. Comprehending insurances and making sure patients understand their medical and vision insurance coverage is just a bonus in this field. I love to style patients with the right eyeglasses or to train a first time contact lens wearers. I am very passionate about what I do and I am very fortunate to work besides  eye doctors and opticians who dedicate their lives to helping others. Today I am happy to say that one of the many people I have had the honor to help is my own young child who was diagnosed and properly treated for a lazy eye just like mine! There is no bigger satisfaction than helping others achieve better vision. 


Después de muchas frustraciones por una condición de estrabismo y ambliopía que no fue tratada por falta de educación en mi país me enfoque en educarme en mi condición y en los ojos. Hoy Diez años después estoy enamorada de una industria que me a ayudado no solo a entender mis ojos sino también a educar a los pacientes a entender su visión.  A sido mi reto entender condiciones como la catarata, amblyopia, miopía, hypertension, glaucoma y muchas más.E tenido el placer de trabajar al lado de optometrista como el doctor Neil Satija, y otros profesionales en la industria que se dedican a extender su conocimiento y en asesorar a pacientes dia tras dias. E aprendido a entender seguros médicos y de visión para poder hacer mi trabajo en la mejor capacidad que se me permite. Es un placer poder asesorar sus ojos con anteojos o contactos. Me apasiona mi trabajo y no hay satisfacción más grande que ayudar a mejorar su visión.


I absolutely love the eye care industry! I began to work in the optical industry after being inspired by my father whom has dedicated his career to helping people see clearly.  I love being able to help patients see and look their best. It is really important to me that spectacles fit the correct way so patients not only see the right way, but they look great doing it too! Since joining Green Eye Care I have really enjoyed building relationships with patients and the Harlem community. It’s always a pleasure to help style patients with the right look. I like to style patients with everything from cool funky eyeglass frames as well as more traditional glasses.  Whether you have a round, square or triangular faces, it doesn’t matter, I’ll find the right frame for you!

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