• Dr. Neil Satija

How to wash your glasses in COVID times

Dirty eyeglasses not only cause blurry vision, eye strain and worn out frames, dirty glasses can also increase your risk for contracting COVID-19 through the eye.

Cleaning your eyeglasses should be a daily ritual to help you comfortably see your best, keep your eyeglass frames lasting longer and to disinfect your glasses. Here is a guide on how to clean your glasses.

1. Wash your glasses

Use cool water and hand soap to lather the eyeglasses.Make sure to get the entire frame including the temples, nose pads and joints where the temple meets the front of the frame. Continue to lather both sides of the lenses.

washing eye glasses
Washing eye glasses can remove COVID 19 virus

2. Rinse the glasses off

Use cool water to rinse all the soap off your glasses. It is important to use cool water as hot water can damage lenses and their coatings.

3. Dry your glasses off with a clean lint free cloth.

Use a clean lint free cloth or paper towel to dry the glasses and lenses. It is important not to use an abrasive cloth that has come in contact with fabric softener or dryer sheets as this can scratch the lenses.

4. Maintain your glasses

Keep your glasses in good condition by storing them in their case, avoiding alcohol products on your glasses, and washing your lens cloth. Avoid cleaning your glasses with your shirt or a dirty lens cloth as this can cause scratches.

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