• Dr. Neil Satija

Why Punctal Plugs can relieve your Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a very common eye syndrome that can be caused by lack of tears and poor quality tears. Artificial tears are the first line of treatment for most people but many patients find punctal plugs to be superior at treating their dry eye symptoms.

What are punctal plugs?

Punctal plugs are small medical devices that are placed in the tear ducts or puncta of the eyelid. These puncta allow tears to drain from the eyes. By plugging this tiny drain the tears on the eye remain in place and keep the cornea moist, comfortable and relieved of dry, burning, sandy feeling eyes.

At Green Eye Care we start with temporary dissolvable plugs. These collagen plugs break down and are absorbed by the body in 1-2 weeks. When we know the plugs work we move into semi-perm plugs.

Semi-permanent plugs are made from medical grade silicone. These plugs last from 3-6 months before breaking down and dissolving.

There is a small risk with punctal plugs. This usually includes eye irritation, excessive tearing and in rare cases it can cause infection.

To get evaluated for dry eye and punctal plugs please make an appointment with our eye doctor at Green Eye Care.

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