A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

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A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

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A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

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A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

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A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

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The past four decades saw a 25% increase in the number of people diagnosed with myopia. This continuous rise has raised concerns among experts, who consider myopia a growing epidemic. 


Typically, myopia develops during childhood, often before age 10. It then worsens before stabilizing. Myopia predisposes children to more severe eye conditions later.



What Is Myopia


The exact cause of myopia remains unknown, but experts well know the underlying conditions contributing to its development. Individuals with myopia are known to have elongated eyeballs and bulging corneas that onset during childhood. It progresses until the individual reaches around 18 or 20.



Signs of Myopia


Recognizing the signs of myopia in your child is crucial, but note that a comprehensive eye exam is the best method for accurate diagnosis. You must be vigilant in observing habits that can indicate the presence of myopia. Here are the most common signs to look out for:


Holding Objects Closer to the Face


One of the early indicators of myopia is when a child needs to bring objects closer to see or read them. This behavior may be noticeable when they examine pictures in a book or watch television. Sitting closer to the screen is an attempt to compensate for the reduced distance vision.




Another common habit that develops in children with myopia is squinting. When physical proximity is not possible, squinting helps enhance visual clarity. In the case of myopia, squinting often occurs when looking at objects relatively close to them.




Experiencing frequent headaches can be a symptom of developing myopia. The effort required to see clearly may lead to headaches in children. It is essential to pay attention if they complain of headaches regularly.


Eye Rubbing


Young children who cannot articulate headaches may resort to rubbing their eyes instead. Constant eye rubbing indicates ocular discomfort, which is commonly associated with myopia.



Myopia Management


Eye doctors have developed several strategies to manage and control myopia. While some approaches have proven ineffective, four have shown success in myopia management:


Bifocal and Multifocal Eyeglasses


Children with myopia and esophoria, a condition affecting specific eye muscles, may benefit from multifocal or bifocal lenses. These lenses have different powers for distance and near vision. They provide better results than eye drops or contact lenses.


Distance Center Multifocal Lenses


These special soft contact lenses hinder the progressive elongation of the eye, resulting in slower myopia progression. While this approach is relatively recent, only two brands offer this treatment. Consult your eye doctor to determine the most suitable brand for your child.


Orthokeratology (Ortho-k)


This popular treatment involves wearing specialized rigid gas-permeable lenses while sleeping. These lenses reshape the cornea overnight, providing near-perfect vision during the day. By restricting corneal bulging, orthokeratology slows the elongation of the eyeball.


Atropine Eye Drops


Atropine eye drops are the only medication to slow myopia progression. Applied once a day, they can be used in conjunction with bifocals for enhanced effectiveness.

For more information on managing myopia for kids, visit Green Eye Care at our office in New York, New York. Call (347) 757-5475 to schedule an appointment today.

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