Spring is here! So are allergies

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Spring is here! So are allergies

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Spring is here! So are allergies

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Spring is here! So are allergies

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Spring is here! So are allergies

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Spring allergies can be very uncomfortable for many people.  Symptoms such as itchy eyes can deter people from going outside and enjoying the outdoors.  So how can you and your family manage seasonal eye allergies?

  1. See an Allergist.  An allergist can determine what allergens you are sensitive to such as pollen, mold, or mildew.  The allergist can then determine which treatments are best for you such as immunotherapy.

  2. Decrease exposure to allergens.  This can be done by maintaining good air quality via filters, using a clothes dryer, washing hair clothes, and pets after spending time outdoors.

  3. Wearing Eye Glasses instead of Contact Lenses.  Allergens can deposit on the surface of contact lenses.  For bi-weekly or monthly contacts these allergens can remain on the lens and bother you whether you go outdoors or not.  If you must wear contacts, daily contact lenses and using hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens solutions can help.

  4. Over-the-Counter Eye Drops.  OTC drops work effectively for people with mild symptoms.  

  5. Prescription Eye Drops.  If OTC products are not strong enough for you, prescription eye drops work well.  This can include mast cell stabilizers, anti-inflammatory medications, and antihistamines.

The Eye Doctor at Green Eye Care can help you evaluate the cause of allergic conjunctivitis and help determine the right treatment for you. To see Dr. Neil Satija please make an appointment here or give us a call at (347) 757-5475 We serve patients in Harlem, NY, and nearby areas such as the Bronx. If you need a telemedicine examination during the COVID crisis, please fill out our Contact Us page.

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