The Green Eye Care guide to finding the perfect eyeglass frame

Choosing the right frames can be a nerve wracking experience.  There are many factors in choosing the right frame. Besides aesthetics, comfort, weight, durability, lens design and prescription all play a role in finding the best frame for you.  At Green Eye Care our opticians factor all of these variables to help you get the best experience possible.


1. Your Style

The first thing to consider is your style.  Face shape plays a huge role in this. Rectangular frames tend to work better with soft round faces while round frames tend to work better with sharp angular faces.


Besides looking at just the shape of the face we have to consider personal style.  While some people prefer to be conservative for their work or lifestyle, others like to be bold and stand out.  The conservative and bold looks can vary greatly in shape of frame and colors of frames.


optician fitting and dispensing eyeglasses

2. Comfort


Whether you choose a bold or conservative frame, the frame needs to feel comfortable.  This means your eyeglasses need to fit your nose and temples correctly. Nosepads and temples can be adjusted by our opticians to create the ideal comfort.  Plastic vs metal frames vary on weight and comfort depending on the size of your bridge.


3. Weight


Glasses can be lightened in a variety of ways.  Choosing a lightweight material such as titanium, choosing a smaller frame size to lessen lens weight and going with a hi index lens can all contribute to decreasing spectacle weight.  Lightweight glasses can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all!


4. Lens Types


Lenses are designed differently.  Progressive lenses have distance, intermediate and near prescriptions in different areas of the lens and therefore when choosing a frame for these lenses you need a frame tall enough to fit all these areas. Single vision lenses give you more freedom of choice of frame but can limit your vision if you need a distance and near prescription. 


5. Your Prescription


High prescriptions can also affect frame choice.  For high minus lenses the lenses get thicker the further from the center of the lens you go.  Therefore it is ideal to go with a smaller frame to cut out this thickness and weight. High plus lenses can create a bug eye effect when the frame is too large.  These factors can also be mitigated by going with a high index lens.


Picking the right frame and getting the right measurements can be tricky.  At Green Eye Care we are here to help you find the ideal frame and make the correct measurements and fit for you to not only look your best, but to see your best and be comfortable doing it.