Managing Dry Eye Syndrome

The eyes need moisture to function properly.  When the eyes dry out it can be very irritating and uncomfortable. Dry eye symptoms include burning, stinging, sandy, gritty, painful eyes that sometimes feel like something is in the eye.


Dry Eye Syndrome can be caused by a variety of reasons such as certain medications, dry environments, health conditions, poor blinking, LASIK, eyelid issues, tear film issues, inflammatory issues and more.


At Green Eye Care we treat dry eye syndrome in a variety of ways.  During the examination our optometrist looks for the specific cause and type of dry eye.  Dry eyes can be caused from a lack of tears and also by a poor quality tear film. When our optometrist knows the type and cause of your dry eye he can tailor the treatment to the patient’s specific needs. Treatment can be medications, homeopathic supplements, environmental adjustments, specialty contact lenses and through small procedures such as applying punctal plugs.  Punctal plugs work well for many cases of dry eye and take just a couple minutes to insert.


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Dry Eye's are treated at Green Eye Care wth Puntal plugs, scleral lenses, artificial tears, warm compress, humidifier