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Green Eye Care Blog

CBD oil can worsen or cause glaucoma

We have bet you heard that cannabis can treat glaucoma. While there is some truth to this studies have shown that CBD oil can worsen or even cause glaucoma. This is because CBD oil can raise the IOP or intraocular pressure in the eyes...

Happy Holidays from Green Eye Care

Happy Holidays from Green Eye Care...

We Now Accept VSP

See All Our Insurances and Book Online!...

New Renovations!

Check out our new renovations at Green Eye Care! Bring the whole family to get your eyes examined at a top of the line facility with Harlem's finest optometrist and opticians. Book Today!

Eye Related Headaches

Why vision related headaches begin and how you can treat them. Our eye doctors at Green Eye Care can help treat eye strain and headache

Watery Eyes? Don’t get emotional, it’s probably just Dry Eye Syndrome!

Have your eyes been watering? Do people think you are constantly crying? Take off your sunglasses and read here!...

Migraines can start in the visual cortex

It is well known that migraines can cause visual symptoms such as hallucinations, visual aura, blurred vision vand light sensitivity. New...

Why you may have glaucoma and not know

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness and everyone is at risk for it. Glaucoma is a disease to the optic nerve. The optic nerve...

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