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Green Eye Care Blog

The Function and Fashion of Eyeglasses

See how eyeglasses became a fashion device as well as a medical device...

Why you don’t need blue blocking lenses and 7 eye care tips when staring at screens

Learn why blue blocking lenses are a waste of money and how to reduce eye strain and get a better nights sleep when staring at screens...

Dr. Neil Satija, OD speaks about Pink Eye

Check out the latest post where Dr. Neil Satija from Green Eye Care speaks about pink eye, red eyes and conjunctivitis. At Green Eye Care our optometrist diagnosis and treats red eyes along with cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, headaches, diabetes, foreign bodies, chalazions, hordeolums, macular degeneration, and more. Make An Appointment for your eye examination...

Yes, we take Davis Vision!

Yes, we take Davis Vision, Health First, Fidelis and 32BJ. Please be patient with us while we look up your benefits!...

Check out our latest news article where Dr.Neil Satija speaks about the safety of LASIK surgery

Check out our latest news article where Dr. Neil Satija, Optometrist speaks about the safety of LASIK surgery. To See Dr. Satija make an...

CBD oil can worsen or cause glaucoma

We have bet you heard that cannabis can treat glaucoma. While there is some truth to this studies have shown that CBD oil can worsen or even cause glaucoma. This is because CBD oil can raise the IOP or intraocular pressure in the eyes...

Happy Holidays from Green Eye Care

Happy Holidays from Green Eye Care...

We Now Accept VSP

See All Our Insurances and Book Online!...

Eye Related Headaches

Why vision related headaches begin and how you can treat them. Our eye doctors at Green Eye Care can help treat eye strain and headache

New Renovations!

Check out our new renovations at Green Eye Care! Bring the whole family to get your eyes examined at a top of the line facility with Harlem's finest optometrist and opticians. Book Today!

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