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Green Eye Care Blog

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Eyewear: Tips for Frame Selection

Glasses are more than just a tool for vision correction; they are a fashion statement, an extension of your personality, and in many cases, a necessity. This makes understanding how to select eyeglass frames crucial - not just to ensure clear vision, but also to enhance your appearance and reflect your style.

A Clearer World for Kids: Empowering Young Eyes Through Myopia Management

The past four decades saw a 25% increase in the number of people diagnosed with myopia. This continuous rise has raised concerns among experts, who consider myopia a growing epidemic.

How to Manage Dry Eyes During Summer Months

The summer months can exacerbate dry eyes due to increased heat and exposure to the sun. With dry eyes, your tear glands fail to produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes adequately. 

Discover Unparalleled Eye Care and Stylish Eyewear at Green Eye Care!

Learn about our facility, experienced optometrist, and wide range of fashionable eyewear options.

How to Combat Eye Irritation from Wildfire Smoke in New York City

Wildfires are an unfortunate reality that many have to face. Beyond the obvious dangers, one of the less discussed but widely experienced consequences of wildfire smoke is the irritation it can cause to the eyes. This post aims to guide you through understanding and effectively treating eye irritation resulting from exposure to wildfire smoke.

Discover Effective Treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome at Green Eye Care in New York

Discover symptoms, causes, and innovative treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome at Green Eye Care in New York. Learn about artificial tears, prescription medications, and punctal plugs. Book a consultation for relief from dry eyes.

Hyperopia vs. Myopia: Understanding the Differences Between Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

Numerous visual conditions have been known to affect humans for millennia. Before recent times, there has not been a considerable number in history affected by these three conditions.

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