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Eye Related Headaches

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

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Headaches, migraines and eye strain can be caused by computer usage

Vision related headaches are very common and under diagnosed. Headaches can be a sign of vision problems and eye fatigue. Pain in the head can be a way for the brain to tell you that something is wrong with the eye muscles and visual system.

The eyes are connected directly to the brain. When an eyeglass prescription is incorrect or not being worn, it can cause eye strain, tired eyes and headaches or migraines. This can happen even if the spectacle prescription is not strong. This is because eyeglasses and contact lenses reduce the fatigue in the muscles inside the eye and balance the two eyes to work together better.

Eye related headaches and migraines can be worse with screen time, reading or when the eye muscles get tired at the end of the day. Headaches behind the eyes on the forehead, in the back of the head or on one side can all be eye-related and should be examined by an optometrist.

Please visit the Green Eye Care Vision Center in Harlem, NY. Our eye doctors and opticians specialize in eye fatigue and tension headaches. Dr. Neil Satija, optometrist diagnoses and treats headaches by getting the correct balanced eyeglass prescription, checking your eye health for any muscle imbalances and even brain tumors, and by getting the eyes to work together to alleviate eye strain and headaches. The opticians custom fit the spectacles correctly by measuring where the eyes sit on the glasses whether single vision, bifocal or progressives. We are multidisciplinary and work with neurologists when needed to get you feeling your best. Please visit www.GreenEyeHarlem.com or call (347) 757-5475 to make an appointment. We are located at 404 E 117th St. NY, NY 10035 You can learn more about Migraines and Headaches here

migraine, eye headache
Vision Related Headaches can be behind the eyes, in the back of the head or on one side of the brain.

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