• Dr. Neil Satija

Are Anti-Fatigue lenses the right lens for your overworked eyes?

Many of our patients complain about digital eye strain but do not know that anti-fatigue lenses exist. Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome is eye discomfort due to viewing digital screens such as computer screens, tablets, cell phones and e-readers for prolonged periods of time. CVS symptoms can include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eye and neck and shoulder pain.

Anti-fatigue lenses are an excellent option for people under 50 years old with digital eye strain. These lenses reduce visual fatigue, improve contrast and color and reduce glare caused by blue-light.

These lenses work by giving a bit of a boost in near power to help relax the muscles inside the eye and also by blocking blue light to reduce glare and strain.

EyeZen Lens Design

Eyezen lenses are an excellent anti-fatigue lens that has helped many of our patients work on a computer, phone or tablet. These lenses have improved our patients quality of life and have been invaluable to their day to day lives.

To get fitted for Eyezen lenses or another anti-fatigue lens please make an appointment to see our Optometrist and Opticians at Green Eye Care in Harlem, NY.

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