• Dr. Neil Satija

How to wear a Face Mask without Fogging your Eyeglass Lenses.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Eyeglasses commonly fog up when wearing a face mask. This is because the warm breath causes condensation on the lenses. There are a variety of ways to help lessen this fogging.

  1. Wash the glasses with soap and water, shake off the excess water and allow the lenses to air dry. After the lenses are dry pat the lenses with a lint free tissue or cloth.

  2. If you are using a face fitting mask such as an N95 mask, make sure the mask is sealed properly so the breath has to go through the filter and not the top of the mask.

  3. If using a surgical mask, before wearing the mask fold the very top of the mask inwards and then put the mask on.

  4. Use a commercial agent such as Cat Crap. Just rub it on and rub it off and it should greatly reduce lens fogging.

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