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Watery Eyes? Don’t get emotional, it’s probably just Dry Eye Syndrome!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Have your eyes been watering? Do people think you are constantly crying? Take off your sunglasses and read below!

Watery eyes can be from a variety of reasons such as allergies, pink eye, blocked tear ducts, ingrown eyelashes and problems with eyelids. Believe it or not, dry eye syndrome may be the most common cause of watering eyes.

Dry eye symptoms include burning, stinging, sandy, gritty, painful eyes that sometimes feel like something is in the eye. With this irritation the eye responds by sending many more tears to help with eye inflammation and wash away whatever the body thinks is irritating the eyeballs.

Dry eye can be caused by a variety of reasons such as certain medications, dry environments, health conditions, poor blinking, LASIK, eyelid issues, tear film issues, inflammatory issues and more.

Depending on the cause of dry eye there are many available treatments to strengthen the tear film. Treatments can be as simple as wearing eyeglasses and using artificial tears or treatments can be complex with a variety of medications, supplements, compresses, environmental adjustments and simple procedures such as punctal plugs. It is best to see an Eye Doctor to see what treatment will work best for your specific cause of dry eye.

At Green Eye Care in Harlem, NY Dr. Neil Satija, optometrist, and our opticians work together to do a medical eye examination and find the root cause of the watering eyes. We do this by assessing the tear film, the oil glands, the eyelids, the cornea, work environments, spectacle prescription, allergic reactions, looking at the tear ducts, assessing the position of the eyelashes and more. Once we know what is causing the eyes to water, we make the appropriate treatments to get the eyes to feel better.

For more information or to make an appointment please visit www.GreenEyeHarlem.com or call us at (347) 757-5475. Please Visit Us!

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