• Dr. Neil Satija

Wearing Eyeglasses can lower your risk for contracting COVID-19. Yes, it’s true.

girl wearing oversized eyeglasses to prevent COVID-19 infection
Oversized glasses can help prevent Coronavirus Infection

Eyeglasses do more than helping you see clearly, reducing eye strain, headaches and dry eyes. It looks like eyeglasses can prevent Coronavirus infection also!

It has already been proven that COVID can enter and cause infection through the eye. A new study in China shows that only 6% of 276 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 even though in the general population 32% of people wear glasses more than 8 hours a day according to a study from Jama Ophthalmology.

Why does wearing eyeglasses help prevent COVID-19? Wearing glasses can discourage or prevent wearers from touching their eyes and it may protect against airborne droplets from entering the eye.

Besides preventative COVID measures such as washing your hands and avoiding touching your face, it is very important to also wash your eyeglasses frames with soap and water frequently.

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